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Strategic Planning

Boundary Women's Coalition

Pany expertly led our board’s strategic planning process. She kept us focused and on track while encouraging our ideas and creativity to flow. She structured our planning with shorter sessions over a number of days. This allowed our ideas to percolate and kept us from getting tired or bogged down in the process. 

She provided us with a framework to work from and encapsulated each previous session’s ideas into a working draft so we could come back with fresh eyes and perspective. Most importantly, it resulted in a finalized plan in which we are confident, and excited to implement. 

Thank you, Pany, for leading us through this process. It was truly a pleasure working with you!

Elly Macmaster, Treasurer, Boundary Women’s Coalition


Disability Alliance BC

Pany has the ability to take a passion and value driven work and translate it into tangible and measurable outcomes. Pany assisted us with identifying the steps we need to take to achieve our strategic priorities and helped us identify clear targets and deliverables so we can measure our progress and success. Michelle Hewitt, Vice Chair, Board of Directors, Disability Alliance BC

I have been part of many strategic planning processes. This by far was the best process I have ever engaged in. Pany made the process very participatory, and we ended up with concrete priorities and action plan to achieve our goal. Thank you Pany, we are all so pleased with the results of our work with you. Pam Horton, Chair, Board of Directors, Disability Alliance BC

Priorities Implementation

Pany is an all rounded leader with great cultural, situational, and people awareness. She leads by example and during her time, as the Executive Direction of Dixon Transition Society, she transformed the organization into an effective, efficient, engaged, and learning organization.

Pany’s caring, empathic, humble, positive personality shined every day and in every conversation. Pany’s leadership skills, her strategic thinking and approach, and extensive organizational knowledge and experience will be an asset to any organization she works with in the future. Naveed Nadri, Senior Program Manager, Amazon


Pany is a proven proactive leader with strong mentorship, coaching, and interpersonal skills. During her time at Dixon she fostered a healthy workplace and positively influenced the Dixon staff to become an engaged, passionate, and dedicated team.

Pany was successful in cultivating a healthy workplace through engagement and clear and collaborative planning. 

Pany also created and fostered a healthy work environment through teamwork, cooperation, trust, and respect, which ensured a successful team.

Pany has the ability, through her training and coaching skills, to develop future leaders. She was flexible in her approach and understood staff members’ individual skills and assets. She utilized those strengths to support staff to grow and develop in their current and new roles.

Pany challenged the team to grow by encouraging staff accountability and by allowing the necessary space to learn from mistakes. She supported staff goals and helped them to go outside of their comfort zone, by for example, supporting their transition into new and challenging roles within the organization. 

Claire Kalfon, Manager of Operations & Services at Dixon Transition Society

Leadership & Operational Support

Our organization was struggling under a number of challenges exacerbated by the pandemic. We turned to Pany as an Interim ED, hoping she would buy us breathing space while we looked for our new ED.

As we are located in Grand Forks, BC, Pany had to work remotely due to Covid19 travel restrictions. We initially worried that this would create further issues, but she handled it seamlessly. 

She was the strong leader and reassuring presence Boundary Women’s Coalition needed, helping the board better understand our governance roles, assisting with recruiting our ED, and tackling much-needed restructuring including the update of our accounting system. 

Pany's extensive experience in budgeting, supervision, and her connections in the sector were invaluable. She was always willing to provide knowledgeable perspective so we could make sound, informed decisions.

She taught us to trust ourselves and leaves us feeling empowered and confident in our organization’s future. Boundary Women’s Coalition’s Board of Directors


Pany came to help our organization when we were experiencing a variety of growing pains stemming from tremendous organizational change. 

We found her to be an exceptionally professional consultant, meticulous in terms of delivering on her promises efficiently, and invaluable in terms of her ability to customize the experience and outcomes to the organization and the board. She took the time getting to know the organization’s history. We were impressed by her patience and expertise in handling the very challenging set of circumstances presented to her. 

Pany was very flexible and generous with her time, and a comforting presence to both the board and our management team. She was also instrumental in assisting us during our hiring process for the new, permanent Executive Director. 

We are extremely thankful to have had Pany’s support during this dynamic and transitional period at Ishtar Women’s Resource Society. On behalf of Ishtar Board, Melanie Lucia, Executive Director, Terminal Operations at BC Ferries


When we needed  to enhance Board performance at our Board retreat in 2023, we came back to Pany,  who had facilitated DABC with its strategic planning, for support and guidance. Pany facilitate two half day retreats with the Board and as always the process exceeded our expectations. I appreciate so much how Pany has the ability to really connect with and prioritize our members. It was a pleasure to work with Pany again. Pany is definitely the person we will come back to for support as needed. 

Julia Lamb, DABC Board Chair

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