Build A High-Performing Non-Profit 

Elevate Your Leadership 

Strategic Planning

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Where do you see your organization 20 years into the future?  Who is your target audience?  What makes your services unique?  What values guide your organization’s priorities?  How exactly do you get to achieve your vision?  What strategic plan do you follow and how do you measure success?

A high performing organization aligns its strategic priorities with its values, current resources, capacity, and mission to offer services that are in demand and valued, while moving the organization closer towards achieving its vision.

I utilize a goal based strategic planning process to:

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Priorities Implementation

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A successful priorities implementation engages staff and demonstrates the direct relationship between their day-to-day tasks and implementation of the strategic priorities. It also clarifies roles and expectations and engages the team in identifying key performance indicators that define success.

When staff are involved in creating the operational plan, they engage and support changes proposed as opposed to sabotaging it.

When SMART metrics are identified collaboratively, it reveals to the staff how their work directly contributes to the achievement of organization’s mission and progress towards its vision.

The implementation package includes:

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Leadership Development

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Being a leader is a lonely job.

You are responsible for leading the organization, building a healthy culture, and establishing high-quality and impactful services while ensuring the safety of the vulnerable populations served within your programs. 

You have to achieve all this with limited time, stretched resources, and a workforce and board of directors with varying experience. 

Not an easy feat. I know. I have been in your shoes.

But by aiming to create a high-performing organization, you can become a transformational leader who leaves a lasting and meaningful impact. 

My leadership development package is designed to support you in elevating your leadership and building a high-performing non-profit by:

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