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With over 18 years of experience in leadership, strategic planning, strategy implementation, and leadership development, I help you build a high-performing non-profit. 

My consulting approach is informed by my leadership education (past and ongoing) and my first-hand experience of leading multiple non-profits resulting in a unique approach that blends real-world experience and strategic expertise.

What I love about facilitating strategic planning is tapping into staff's passion and leadership's commitment for improving their clients' lives and advancing the organization's vision.

What I find most rewarding in supporting non-profits to successfully implement and operationalize their priorities is witnessing the organization's transformation into a high-performing non-profit capable of effectively meeting its mission and creating a ripple of positive impact.

Leadership development of female leaders is my passion. As a woman who has had the guidance and support of great female leaders throughout my career, I consider it my privilege to pay it forward and support women in their leadership journey.

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