I Help You Build A High-Performing Non-Profit Through Successful Identification & Implementation of Strategic Priorities and Leadership Development. 

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A High-Performing Non-Profit Has:


Clarity Of Vision

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Enhanced Resources

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Healthy Culture

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High-Performing Teams

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Experiencing Any Of These Challenges?

Find out how I can assist you in addressing these challenges to build a high-performing organization. 

Limited Resources

Resources are scarce, particularly in non-profits. The lack of strategic and operational plans further complicates resource allocation since in the absence of strategy, reactive management becomes the strategy. Ironically this further drains resources.How can I support you with this challenge?
Strategic PlanningThe organization’s capacity, performance, and opportunities are assessed.The gained knowledge will inform the priorities to ensure your goals are achievable. 
The process will support the teams to work in alignment. This alignment will reduce duplication of efforts and waste of resources. 
Priorities ImplementationWill identify strategies and best practices to streamline processes and operations to reduce waste and improve efficiency. 
Will utilize technology and other tools to boost resources and free-up time. These two steps will enable you and your team to redirect efforts to where it matters most. 
Leadership DevelopmentSupports you with resistance, managing change, and addressing other leadership challenges you may face along the way.

Lack of Engagement

With everything you and your teams have to do, engagement sometimes drops off the radar as a priority. Yet, research indicates that an engaged workforce boosts the organization's performance. 

How can I support you to build engagement? 

Strategic Planning

The foundation of my strategic planning process is built on collaboration.  I will seek staff perspective on the organization's performance, capacity, culture, and the priorities they believe will improve services. 

I will also facilitate a collaborative session to clarify the vision, mission, and values. This process aligns everyone around the shared vision and helps them feel invested in the outcome resulting in increased engagement. 

Priorities Implementation 

My priorities implementation process crystalizes the connection between staff's day-to-day work and the mission and priorities. 

When everyone is clear on how their contribution moves the organization towards achieving its visions, they become engaged, and their passion for their work will be reignited. 

Leadership Development 

I will provide you with tools, best practices, and strategies that will elevate your communication skills.

There will be a strong focus on managing change as ineffective change management is often the main perpetrator in destroying engagement.  

Decision Paralysis

Without overarching identified priorities and in the presence of all the pulls on your time and attention, decision-making can become disjointed.

Lack of organization-wide priorities means individuals set the priorities in silos.

How will I be able to assist you?

Strategic Planning

Identifying your strategic priorities enables you to establish a framework for decision-making and ensures decisions are consistent with the organization’s priorities, mission, and vision.

Priorities Implementation

Successful operationalizing of your priorities includes assisting you with identifying evaluation methods that will accurately assess your progress and impact. 

The insights gained from the assessment will be key to informing future decisions. 

Leadership Development

You will receive a framework for sound decision-making and tools you can utilize in making challenging decisions. 

Lack of Accountability

Without defined outcomes and targets your team will lack the clarity, motivation, and structure required for high performance.

The lack of specific and measurable outcomes for accurate performance assessment leaves you without the tools needed to hold people accountable for their lack of contribution.

How can I support you to build a healthy and safe culture with accountability built into it? 

Strategic Planning

Identifying specific, measurable, actionable, relevant, and timely goals provides you with mechanisms required to effectively and fairly measure individual and team performance.

Priorities Implementation

I will assist you in breaking down the high-level strategic priorities into SMART goals that will clarify responsibilities and expectations. We will also review job descriptions to ensure they are consistent with job expectations and outcomes. 

Leadership Development

I will provide you with best practices and tools that help you to face conflict and hold people accountable while maintaining respect and empathy. 

Resistance To Change

If a compelling vision and clear roadmap for achieving it are missing or not communicated effectively, resistance to change follows.

How will I support you to address this resistance?

Strategic Planning

My collaborative strategic planning process engages your team at the outset and realigns the teams around the shared vision, mission, and values. This creates buy-in and empowers you to build engagement.

Priorities Implementation

The organizational assessment conducted during strategic planning will provide the insights needed for building a sound change management strategy into the implementation plan. 

This will give you the tools you need to create a healthy culture and transform your organization into a high-performing one.

Leadership Development

Leading and managing change is a time-consuming and detailed process. I will assist you with handling the intricacies of change management. 

I will also provide you with the space you need to process your own needs and challenges as you manage the ups and downs of managing change.


A lack of clarity on the organizational direction or a misalignment between vision, mission, and values can pull people in different directions. 

How will I support you to realign your teams?

Strategic Planning

We will review the vision, mission, and values to ensure it captures your work and culture concisely and accurately. 

We will then build the strategic plan on this strong foundation and align resources with identified priorities.

Priorities Implementation

Once the teams are aligned, we will facilitate coordination and collaboration across different departments by operationalizing meeting best practices and improved communications. 

Leadership Development

I will work with you to develop a personal vision, become a strategic leader, and align your leadership practices with your goal of building a high-performing organization.

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